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About iPEAR project: Inclusive peer-to-peer (P2P) learning & AR tools

Teaching and learning with peers and augmented reality offers opportunitiess for memorable, active learning.
The project aims to promote P2P pedagogy as an empowering and active form of learning.  Additionally, AR provides students with opportunities to create their own content and visualize the products of their collaborations. Combining collaborative approaches and visuals, the educators and their students could make I-Pear approach original and worthy of further investigation.

The iPEAR project research design will develop:

» Augmenting reality tools – Toolkit

» Compendium of best practices

» Theoretical framework of i-pear pedagogy

» Digital competencies framework

» Publications

“To teach is to learn twice!”
Joseph Joubert


Main Objectives:

  • Map the educational use of AR, focusing on collaborative and peer learning approaches.
  • Facilitate the adoption of AR education by creating open access teaching and learning material for educators.
  • Create and maintain a community of experts in educational AR and other stakeholders that will ensure sustainability of the project and keep the most useful results up-to-date.

Where do we come from?

iPEAR is a European strategic partnership between 5 higher education institutions, among them 1 private institution and 1 NGO.

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